Go Green


Celebrate sustainability and self care with our 'Go Green' eco-friendly gift box! Packed with thoughtfully curated items that tread lightly on the planet, each element is carefully chosen to minimize environmental impact without compromising on style or quality. From reusable essentials like the to biodegradable delights, this gift box embodies the essence of eco-conscious living. Discover the joy of self care while nurturing the planet with every thoughtful choice.


Intelligent Change - Five Minute Journal

Lake & Oak Tea Co. - Super Green Superfood Tea Blend

Apt. 6 Skin Co.  - Cucumber Green Tea Soothing Face Mist

Madison & Green - 'Inspire & Create' Aromatherapy Stress Reliever for Creativity

Cher Amour - Pure Stone Jade Roller

*In a reusable magnetic keepsake box made from recycled materials