The holiday is fast approaching again and businesses are already thinking- "How can we celebrate our clients or employees this festive period?" Or "How can we leave a lasting impression on the minds of clients, potential clients, employees, and partners?" all towards a more creative and effective corporate branding and company image elevation.

Decorating the office and sending out thank you emails may make it to the thoughts of many; however, there is a more effective way to bring the holiday cheer - a golden tip- and that's giving out custom-branded gifts to your business engagements this holiday season.

Imagine receiving a beautifully wrapped gift from a client company filled with unique products, branded swag and a message thanking you personally for your business. This gift goes beyond being an item- it is a statement that will leave a lasting impression, and the beginning of a lasting relationship. Not to mention they will be a walking billboard marketing your company logo around their peers!

This and many more creative ideas blend the festive spirit and business ethos that can easily help you leave a lasting impression, build deep connections and foster goodwill with your employees, clients, and partners.

Doing this is very easy and we have captured the significance and how you can create custom-branded gifts as we draw close to the holiday in this article.

The Power of Corporate Branding

The power of corporate branding does not only lie in giving your brand aesthetics but in its ability to help you grow business connections and make your clients, partners, and employees loyal to you and your brand.

The goal is to make your brand the first choice in the market. So, effective branding sets your company apart from competitors and places you at the heart of many- not just clients- but top talents who are inspired to be employees in your company.

The Psychology of Gift-Giving

Giving gifts has become a constant tradition in human interaction and business operations; it is a way to express gratitude, build relationships, and create positive associations.

While it is a common practice, it is also a means you can leverage to elevate your company's image- How does this work? -By tapping into the psychology of reciprocity.

Well-branded gifts can trigger positive emotions, and because people tend to reciprocate goodwill, you can easily gain increased loyalty, referrals, and secure future business when you do it the right way.

Significance Of Corporate Branding In Holiday Gifting

Having established that holiday gifting can help your business grow, it is vital to emphasize the importance of branding when sending out these gifts.

  • It Builds A Stronger Brand Image

It's a fact that people always want to feel recognized; they want to be assured that those they interact with care about them, and one of the ways to communicate this care and recognition to them is by imbibing the gifting culture- it gives your brand up as thoughtful and customer-focused. Taking it further by making your gifts unique during this holiday will also stand out and make your brand the first choice in the market.

  • It Enhances Relationships

Customized holiday gifts tell your recipients that you value your relationship with them. By nurturing relationships through gifts, you will foster loyalty, boost your brand perception, and increase ROI.

  • It Boosts Employees' Motivation

A Harvard Business Review study has shown that recognizing and appreciating employees boosts their happiness and increases profits by 14 to 29 percent. Aside from giving your employees positive remarks, conferring them "Employees of the Month" or financial raises, giving them gifts with personalized messages or unique branding this holiday can motivate them to work more happily, leading to enhanced productivity.

  • It Differentiates You From Others

While many companies and competitors send out generic gifts this holiday, sending out gifts with corporate branding can help you stand out, giving you a distinction and elevating your company's image in a crowded marketplace.

How To Create Custom-Branded Gifts To Elevate Your Company's Image

When giving out gifts, you want something that the recipient will enjoy but will always remind them of what a great partner and business you are. Below are some tips to create the perfect custom-branded gifts this holiday.

  • Know Your Audience
Before sending gifts to your recipients, you must understand their personalities, tastes, preferences, and interests. Ask yourself these questions - what would make them smile? Are they tech-savvy, or do they appreciate the classics? And many more. Knowing those you want to send gifts to helps you send out gifts and messages that they will personally cherish.
  • Personalization Is Key

The magic of a custom-branded gift lies in the personal touch given to it. Instead of simply putting your logo on the gift item, you can take it a notch further and think of how to make it unique and more personal to the recipient. You can do this by engraving their names on the item or writing a private message to wish them well for the holiday. This makes it more personal and more memorable.


  • Let It Celebrate The Recipient

This holiday is your chance to be involved in your customers' lives from a distance. The holiday is when people celebrate with their family and friends so you can give a gift they can share with family and friends. This can earn you a quick referral.


  • Pick Items They Can Use For A While

While consumable items are very nice options that will be enjoyable by the recipient, the gift will more effectively register your brand in their memories if the gift item is something they can use in their daily lives for a while. For example, a durable, stylish water bottle, a custom notepad, or a premium coffee mug can become a cherished companion of the recipient and keep your brand in thought- remember, the goal is to ensure the recipient always retains you as the first choice.


  • Follow Up With Genuine Appreciation

While the gift has gone before you, the recipients will appreciate it further when they hear directly from you. You can follow the gift with a heartfelt "Thank you" message, expressing gratitude for their support and letting them know you genuinely value the relationship.

Final Thought

Every season of the year can be leveraged to enhance business productivity and push your brand to the top. So, as the holiday approaches, it comes with another opportunity to win the love and dedication of your potential clients, employees, customers, and partners and elevate your brand's image – embrace custom corporate gifting.

November 09, 2023 — Genina Brigden