Gifting is an essential part of human interactions. It speaks volumes, even beyond what we cannot say. Whether it is a gift to celebrate a special event (birthday, wedding, graduation, etc.) or to convey appreciation, gift-giving holds a special meaning to the sender and the receiver.

In the business world, gift-giving is known as corporate gifts. Corporate giving has become an essential component of modern business operations. The gifts are given to clients, employees, partners, and stakeholders as a symbol of appreciation. Basically, it is safe to say that this strategy has helped many companies retain skilled and talented employees.

Corporate gifting done correctly can help motivate employees, boost engagement, and enhance business activity. This article dives into using corporate gifts to make your company shine and help retain quality and talented employees.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is an excellent method to communicate with and show appreciation to your employees, customers, prospective clients, and partners. The major goal of these types of presents is to foster a close friendship and a strong bond between the two parties.

Corporate presents might be anything the recipient finds valuable in their personal and professional lives. This could contain high-end electronics, laptop bags, snacks, food, gift.

How Corporate Gifting Can Help You Shine & Retain Quality Employees

corporate gift boxes


Corporate gifting is a thoughtful and strategic way to show appreciation to your
employees. It can help you shine as a company while also aiding in retaining quality employees.

Here's how corporate gifting can achieve these goals:

1. Keeping Employees Happy

Purpose and commitment is what drives an employee to deliver an excellent job. When employees are happy, they become productive and become committed to achieving the company’s goals. Employees need to feel motivated to give their all to the job, and what better way to motivate them than giving them a gift to show your appreciation?

Corporate gifts, by nature, are like care packages that show your care, recognition, and value for their work and them as persons. This act helps you shine in the eyes of your employees, and you will be able to, not only retain your employees, but attract new ones.

2. Increased Employee Morale and Motivation

Lack of recognition, appreciation, and motivation are the most frequent reasons
employees leave an organization. The less recognized and appreciated they feel, the more their motivation diminishes.

Aside from receiving a positive remark, such as “A job well done” or “Keep it up… That’s a good one,” receiving a gift from the organization can brighten an employee’s day and increase their morale and motivation. This sign of recognition or appreciation for your employees' efforts can transcend to a heightened sense of loyalty.

Employees who receive a corporate gift will never forget that moment, fostering a
willingness to continue working for the organization.

3. Strengthened Employee Loyalty and Satisfaction

Like respect, loyalty is earned. Although your employees work for you, that doesn’t mean they are loyal to you. Every day, many businesses strive to build loyal employees.

They try various strategies, and although many works, they diminish over time, leaving the company to return to the drawing board. When corporate gifting was tested, it produced tremendous results. According to a survey by Forbes, 80% of employees stated that they stayed in a company due to the corporate gifts they receive, as this shows that they are valued as much as active customers.

As a result, it is safe to say that corporate gifting gives employees a sense of belonging, a positive attitude, mentality, and commitment towards the company. This, in turn, leads to employee loyalty and retention.

4. Boosted brand image

Well-planned and considerate corporate gifts can help your organization shine and improve its brand's reputation and recognition. When employees, partners, and customers get premium, custom-made gifts bearing your business's unique branding, it leaves a lasting impact.

It also conveys the core values and culture of your business. Overall, it shows that you pay attention to the little things and are eager to engage in building sincere connections.

5. High Competitive Advantage

Every business wants to have a competitive edge over the other. However, it is a
challenging thing to do. As a result, they incorporate many strategies to ensure their business stands out, but one major thing they overlook is corporate gifting.
Corporate gifting differentiates a business and gives it a competitive edge in a crowded industry.

When corporate gifts are given to employees, partners, and customers, they serve as a huge form of advertisement, making your business shine in the eyes of many. When corporate gifts are given to employees, it makes the organization a more attractive place to work. Also, they serve as an effective form of ROI, efficient marketing strategy, and employee retention.

Due to the fact that your business shines in the aspect of valuing and appreciating its employees, you will be able to retain the best talent and reduce recruitment costs, giving you a competitive edge.

Important Tip on Adequate Corporate Gifting 

  • Note the Recipient’s Preferences and Interests

When preparing corporate gifts, ensure they suit your employees' preferences or
interests. This shows the amount of thought you put into getting their gifts. However, if you find it challenging to know which gift will suit them, you could give a gift that can be useful to them both at the office and at home. This can serve as a memorandum.

  • Personalize your Gift

To seal the deal, include a personalized appreciation, morale-boosting, and motivation note to the gift. This creates a feeling of being valued and appreciated.

  • Ensure Quality Over Quality

Having one good item is better than having more items that are of low quality. When it comes to corporate gifting, ensure the gift picked is of good quality.


Final Thought

Corporate gifts should be part of a comprehensive employee retention strategy.
Additionally, companies should ensure that their gift-giving practices are personalized based on the employee’s interest and must align with company values, policies, and legal considerations.
September 23, 2023 — Genina Brigden