Cosmic Calm


Discover tranquility with our 'Cosmic Calm' gift box, curated to bring cosmic harmony to your self-care routine. Explore astrology and mixology with Microcosm Publishing's 'The Mixology of Astrology'. Find balance with Elucx's Balance Facial Toner and Calyx's Calm Hemp Spray in Peppermint. Unwind with Lake & Oak's Ashwagandha & Chill Superfood Tea and Bathorium's Snooze Bomb Relaxing Bath Bomb. Presented in a reusable magnetic keepsake box crafted from recycled materials, it's a celestial journey to serenity

Microcosm Publishing ~ The Mixology of Astrology

Elucx ~ Balance Facial Toner

Calyx ~ Calm Hemp Spray in Peppermint

Lake & Oak ~ Ashwaganda & Chill Superfood Tea

Bathorium ~ Snooze Bomb Relaxing Bath Bomb

*In a reusable magnetic keepsake box made from recycled materials